3 last minute gift ideas for valentines day

3 last-minute gift ideas for Valentine’s day

It can be stressful to shop last-minute for your loved one. It can be a challenge to find a Valentine’s day gift, that would impress and won’t break the bank. Below are my top 3 gift-ideas for a great Valentine’s day with your loved ones.

Even if they don’t admit it, most people love presents that represent their partner’s feelings – the more special, the better! Literally, everyone loves a surprise that is meaningful and appears to be of a special value, at the same time. Below you will find 3 great ideas for gifts that are both meaningful and (mostly) affordable.

#1 Aromatherapy

If you were thinking of an expensive spa-day in a fancy hotel, you’ve got it wrong! You can of course get the fancy hotel experience, if you can afford it. It will likely be an amazing gift to someone you love. But what if you can’t afford it?

If you are on a budget, an aromatherapy balm can be an affordable and yet sophisticated gift. This is a great alternative to expensive aromatherapy diffusers and can be used on the go. I particularly like the idea of having one in my handbag and apply it throughout the day, for a little bit of calm and mindfulness.


The SCENTERED MINDFUL AROMATHERAPY MINIS, by NATURISIMO are a brilliant gift set, especially if you are not too sure what sort of scents does your other half prefer. The box contains a collection of five natural mini balms, each infused with essential oils and offering beautifully calming scents. It currently sells for £26, with an option for a next-day delivery in the UK.

Another good place to shop for similar aromatherapy products, last minute, is Not on the High Street – they feature an option to filter products by delivery on time for Valentine’s day specifically.

Click on the image to open the website

#2 Enchanted Rose

Do you remember the story about Beauty and the Beast? Well, even if you don’t, a rose in a dome like the enchanted rose in the story, is a very original gift for Valentine’s day. Those can be made using real preserved roses or ones made of silk – obviously the silk roses would be cheaper. You should definitely get a real one, if you can afford it, but bear in mind that those can be very pricey.

For example this lovely real preserved rose in a glass dome, by Endura Roses, sells for £175, with a one-day delivery option to the UK. You can buy a rose for, as little as, £20 on their website, but this one really caught my eye (no wonder it is so expensive).

I also found this real rose, by Eternal Petals, that is meant to last a whole year – long enough in my opinion and it also looks great.

The rose is not actually in a dome, but it is handmade in the UK and it sells for £23 on Amazon. The offer comes with an option to click-and-collect in many locations across the UK, which is handy if you don’t want to wait for a delivery. Alternatively Amazon Prime members can get one-day delivery for free.

#3 Secret Message Mug

This is such a brilliant idea – simple but very thoughtful gift. Guaranteed that your special someone will think of you at the end of every cuppa!

Plain I Love You Secret Message Mug by THE LETTER LOFT

The mug above, by The Letter Loft, sells for £16 on Not on the High Street, with an option for delivery by Valentine’s day. You can further personalise it and get it gift-wrapped as well.

There you go – 3 great ideas for your loved one’s Valentine’s day gift. They surely deserve it, so go ahead and get them something to show you care.

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